In consequence of my enumeration of the Lucanidae hitherto known as inhabiting the island of Sumatra ¹) (Notes Leyd. Mus. 1889. p. 233), I received a letter from Mr. G. Albers of Hannover, in which this well-known student of Lucanoid Coleoptera calls my attention upon the incorrectness of the supposed identity of Eurytrachelus purpurascens Voll. and Lucanus elaphus Herbst (1. c. p. 236), stating that the latter name almost undoubtedly is relative to Eurytrachelus concolor Blanch. (= Saïga Oliv. nec Auct.). I without delay examined the question and , in consulting the figures given by Voet, Herbst and Olivier, I fully agree with Albers, notwithstanding Voet calls his insect in the Dutch language »Americaansch vliegend Hart”, and Herbst and Olivier respectively mention Virginia and South America as its native country. I do not know for what reason the Authors of the Munich Catalogue indicate »Sumatra” as being the habitat of Lucanus elaphus Herbst, and I am sorry to have based my supposition upon this incorrect statement. (See also Albers in Deuts. Entom. Zeits. 1883. p. 224).