Head ferruginous, palpi ferruginous, annulated and tipped with white. Antennae dull ferruginous, delicately spotted along their upper side with white. Thorax ferruginous with two ill defined yellowish white spots anteriorly. Fore-wings bright shining ferruginous, with two white spots before the fissure, one on the dorsal margin nearer to the base than to the fissure, another on the middle of the wing nearer to the fissure than to the base, a brownish spot at the base of the fissure preceded by a few brownish scales: the costal lobe clouded about its middle but not at its base, with bronzy-brown and having two blackish streaks on the costal margin and another at the extreme apex. The central bronzy-brown shade is preceded and followed by a silvery-wliite spot. The divided lobe is also somewhat clouded with bronzy-brown but not at its base, a silvery-white spot precedes the dark colouring and a second smaller one is about the middle of the upper division, a dark streak in the fringes at the apex of each division. In the pale yellowish fringes on the dorsal margin is a tuft of bronzy scales below the first fissure and another larger bronzy cloud below the second fissure. Hind-wings dark ferruginous with purplish tinge in the fringes especially towards the apex of the lobes; there is a small tuft of darker scales on the dorsal margin before the middle of the posterior lobe, a spatule of bronzy-brown scales at its apex. Abdomen bright ferruginous with a raised band of shining silvery scales above the middle, a conspicuous yellowish white spot preceding the anal segments. The posterior legs are bright ferruginous, banded with white on the tibiae and first tarsal joint; with long tibial spurs also indistinctly banded, the raised tufts at their bases rather less conspicuous than in the allied D. Tengstroemi. Underside of thorax and abdomen very pale yellow; the anal tuft ferruginous. Expanse of fore-wings 11 mm. Java (Mulié). — A single specimen.