The new species of Odontolabis described below originates from Palawan, one of the Philippine Islands, situated between the northern part of Borneo and Luzon, and forms a most interesting connecting link between O. alces F. from Luzon, and O. celebensis Leuthn. from Celebes, bearing in general appearance even a greater affinity to the last named species, the dentition of the mandibles however corresponding with O. alces F. The great length of the mandibles, which in the mesodont form are longer than the head and prothorax together, is very remarkable and unique for the so-called alces-group. Now British North Borneo becomes the more and more explored, I have some hope, that, within a short time, an allied form from Borneo will also be brought to light, which I consider to be of high importance for the real appreciation of the allied species, scattered over these islands.