Length from the anterior margin of the prothorax to the apex of the elytra 10½ mm., width of the shoulders of the elytra 4 mm. — Dark piceous; covered with a rusty-red pubescence, variegated with numerous black dots and spots. The antennal club has the shape of a broad ellipse, and the outer margin of the four posterior tibiae is deeply grooved. The head and rostrum are short and broad; the former is naked and finely chagrined on the vertex and behind the eyes and provided between the eyes with three smooth keels of which the external ones extend to the base of the rostrum and diverge towards the vertex of the head; the rostrum is rugose, sparsely pubescent, and provided with a faint smooth keel; the front margin is not deeply emarginate in the middle. The joints of the antennae are short and gradually decrease in length towards the club; the 5th and succeeding joints are provided with a short fringe at the uudersurface; the club has the shape of a broad ellipse, is strongly set-off and compressed; the pubescence of the two last joints is pale colored and sericeous.