Length 10 mm. — Elongate, slender, greenish yellow, with black markings on the prothorax and elytra. — Head covered all over with greenish yellow pubescence, provided with an impressed line along the middle of the face, the latter slightly narrowed between the eyes, the front margin of the clypeus nearly straight. Antennae not extending to the apex of the elytra, very thinly covered with greenish yellow pubescence which even disappears on the apical half, the apical joints dark fuscous. — Prothorax elongate-ovate, slightly narrower than the elytra at the base, reticulatepunctate, covered with greenish yellow pubescence, with the exception of two more or less triangular black spots about the middle of the disk which have their tip directed outward; besides the yellow pubescence, pale fulvous erect hairs are present on the thorax. Scutellum of a regular triangular shape, entirely covered with greenish yellow pubescence. — Elytra distinctly narrowed behind the shoulders, covered with greenish yellow pubescence and showing the following black markings: each elytron on its basal half an elongate zero which narrowly touches the basal- and broadly the outer margin of the elytra; and conjointly, two transverse black bands, both touching the outer margin; the first of these bands is situated midway between the base and apex, the second midway between the first band and the apex of the elytra. The first band is enlarged along the outer margin, angularly advanced in front at the suture and arched behind, the second band slightly waved in front, arched behind. The apices of the elytra are truncated, the truncation slightly waved and fringed with long pale fulvous hairs; the sutural and outer angle are very minutely toothed. — Body beneath and legs covered all over with greenish yellow pubescence, that on the legs, however, much finer and thinner; the posterior femora very slender, extending beyond the apex of the elytra and provided along the middle of the outside with a raised smooth line; the posterior metatarsus not quite twice as long as the two following joints taken together. Hab. Kotta Zuydewijn near Solok: Sumatra (J. H. Schagen van Leeuwen).