Mallodon jejunum Pascoe (Journal of Entomology, II, 1864, p. 248) became some years afterwards the type of the genus Brephilydia Pascoe (Annals and Magazine of Natural History. 4th ser., vol. IV, 1871, pl. 13, fig. 6 & 6a); in the Munich Catalogue the genus Brephilydia is placed as a synonym of the genus Macrotoma, and the Australian Brephilydia jejuna. Pascoe as a synonym of Macrotoma jejuna Klug from Madagascar! Finally Mr. Thomson established in the Revue et Magasin de Zoologie 1877, p. 277, upon Pascoe’s Mallodon jejunum a new genus Blephylidia (Pascoe Mss.). NB. In the »Liste des Cérambycides” of Mr. Lameere, mention is made of a second species of the genus Blephylidia Thoms, viz. Bl. Raffrayi Thoms. 1. c. p. 278, but this species has nothing to do with that genus, being the Phyllocnema Raffrayi Thoms. 1. c.; at p. 35 of the »Liste” this species occurs also in the genus Phyllocnema.