Among a collection of birds from Western Java, collected for our Museum through the good offices of Mr. E, Jacobson, there are examples of two species, which offer slight differences with specimens from other parts of our Archipelago, so that it seems to me necessary to describe one of them as new subspecies and to explain, that the name given to the other one, must be restricted only to the form from Java. Six specimens of a Gerygone I determined as G. modiglianii Salvadori, but as our birds did not fully agree with the description by Count Salvadori (Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova, XXXII, 1892, p. 52) I sent one specimen to that gentleman, with the request to compare it with the types of G. modiglianii. Count Salvadori most kindly, answered me: » I have compared your Gerygone with two typical specimens of my G. modiqlianii; although very similar it differs in having the upper part and the sides of the head somewhat paler and the lores decidedly more white. The differences are not great, but if constant, as most probably they are, your bird belongs to a distinct form.” As the colour of the upper parts is the same and also the white loral spot is conspicuous in five old birds, four males and one female, I describe here the form from Java under the name of: Gerygone modiglianii jacobsoni nov. subsp.