This new species is closely allied to Helota Vandepolli Rits. ¹) from Borneo, but at once distinguished by the more strongly raised interstices of the elytra, by the deeper angular notches at the apical portion of the lateral margins of the elytra and by the more blackish (less bronze) colour of the upper side. Length 12 mm. — Subshining above, very shining underneath; above blackish, with very faint tinges of dark bronze green; each elytron provided with two small convex flavous spots, situated between the 3rd and 6th striae; underneath testaceous, except the head without the throat, the anterior margin and the front angles of the middle portion as well as the lateral portions of the prosternum, and the elytral epipleurae which parts are dark bronze green. Antennae dark pitchy, the 3 or 4 basal joints reddish. Legs testaceous, the tip of the femora and the extreme base and apex of the tibiae black, the tarsi dark pitchy brown. Head strongly produced in front of the eyes, almost inconspicuously raised between the eyes, the raised portion broadly flattened and covered with large punctures, which are strongly contrasting with those on the lateral streaks along the eyes, where they are minute and closely set; along the middle of the narrowed front portion the punctures are still smaller and scarce.