Length 13—16mm. — Elongate; shining; fulvous, with the head and mandibles, a broad streak along the middle of the pronotum, the scutellum and the smaller apical half of the elytra black, the latter with a slight dark bronze hue; moreover the base of the pronotum and that of the elytra edged with black, the sides of the prothorax edged with dark fulvous; the 5 or 6 basal joints of the antennae fulvous, the succeeding joints from pitchy to black; the legs are black, with the basal half of the femora, a more or less distinct spot (sometimes wanting) on the middle of the tibiae, and the base of the claws fulvous; the black of the apical half of the elytra with a deep triangular incision at the suture. Head strongly produced in front of the eyes, rather remotely covered with large ovate punctures on the slightly raised middle portion, more closely punctured near the eyes, very finely on the narrowed front portion.