In a small collection of oriental insects, handed to me for identification by Mr. H. Veen of Haarlem, was a specimen of a large black Macroma-species, captured by his brother, Mr. Ed. Veen, on Mount Pangolot in the district Groot Mandheling of the Tapanoeli Residency, West Sumatra. This specimen agreed admirably well with the description and figure of Macroma insignis Gestro (Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova, vol. XXX, p. 852; pl. 2, fig. 10), but as this species was described from a specimen from Burma (Mount Cariani, at an elevation of 1300 — 1400 meter above the level of the sea), I thought it of interest to examine, if possible, the type-specimen. I therefore wrote to Dr. Gestro, who, without delay, sent it to me.