The following note of this undescribed species, discovered by S. C. I. W. van Musschenbroek, Esq. L. L. D., in the Northern parts of the isle of Celebes, has been published by me in the prospectus of a work, entitled «Annals of the Royal Zoological Museum of the Netherlands at Leyden.” This work not having yet appeared, I reproduce here the above-said note for the benefit of the readers of the Present periodical. «It is remarkable for its superior size, its short and smooth fur,its tails furnished with black rings, like those of the Paradoxurus annulatus and its yellowish or grayish brown colour, paler towards the head, passing on the basal surface into a dirty ochre-yellow and interrupted along the back ted series of dark but rather indistinct spots, melted confusedly into four longitudinal stripes, whereas a blackish stripe runs from the shoulder along the hind margin of the fore-arm. Length of the tail equalling that of the trunk. Whiskers yellowish white, or partly of a brown colour.”