Rotundata, leviter convexa, nitida, glabra, subtus fusca, antennis pedibusque ferrugineis, supra nigra, subtilissime dense punctulata, lateribus prothoracis elytrisque, his maculis magnis subrotundatis rubris, serie sublaterali punctorum fortiter insculptis. — Long. 3,5 mm. Almost circular, slightly convex, upper surface glossy black, closely and very finely punctured, the prominent lateral margins of the thorax and elytra and moreover two large and roundish spots on each of the latter bloodred. Head with two faint impressions between the antennae. Thorax strongly narrowed towards the front margin, the anterior as well as the posterior angles acute, the anterior angles produced. Elytra nearly semicircular, and provided close to the slightly upturned lateral margins with a wellmarked row of punctures, ceasing at a rather considerable distance from the apex.