Shell semiglobose, solid, nearly smooth, with slight radiating striae; colour dark yellowish-grey, with indistinct white spots, forming spiral rows, some of which alternate with black spots, giving to the shell a mottled appearance; whorls about 2 ½, spire scarcely exserted, more or less eroded, showing a yellow layer; a few younger specimens are covered by a yellowish epidermis; suture distinctly descending in front. Aperture small, greyish blue; lip with a thick white callosity and a dark grey margin, upper part of the white callosity with a blunt tooth, scarcely visible in many specimens. Columella with a broad but short tooth in the upper part, slightly excavated in the middle, where it bears 2 or 3 small denticles, then slightly projecting again; columellar area white, smooth. Operculum flesh-coloured, with a radiating groove, dividing the external surface in two parts, of which the marginal part shows many small granules, which are less crowded and larger on the central portion; internal surface smooth, darker coloured, greyish near the nucleus; rib flattened, nearly white.