The other day I read in a dutch popular periodical a paper dealing with the different species of Bears and their geographical distribution. To my great surprise the Malayan Bear was mentioned from Java: the locality Java being quite new to me I wrote to the author of that paper and asked him some informations about the matter: he referred me to Brehm’s »Tierleben” and Flower and Lydekker’s »Mammals.” Indeed on p. 245 of Brehm’s Tierleben, Säugethiere, zweiter Band, 1890, Dr. Pechuel Loesche stated: »der Biruang Ursus malayanus) bewohnt Borneo, Java, Sumatra, die Malayische Halbinsel und verbreitet sich nordwärts durch Tenasserim bis nach Burma und durch Arakan bis nach Tschittagong”; and in Flower and Lydekker’s Mammals, 1891, p. 559, the geographical distribution of the Malay Bear or Sun Bear Ursus malayanus) runs as follows: »this small species inhabits the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Tenasserim, Arakan, Chittagong and the Garo hills of India.”