Length 5,5 mm., breadth at the shoulders 2,5 mm. — Head: the clypeus golden red; the face bright bronzy green with a golden hue; the vertex golden with fiery red tinges; the mandibles black; the antennae bronzy. Pronotum golden with fiery red tinges. Scutellum and elytra golden green, the latter narrowly black along the suture, the extreme lateral margin and at the apex. Under surface of the body black, somewhat bronzy, the femora of the intermediate and posterior legs bronzy green; the central portion of the prosternum golden. Head wide, shallowly and distantly punctured, widely excavated between the eyes, the excavation with a small but deep oval impression at the top of the face, continued across the vertex by a narrow longitudinal channel. Prothorax transverse, the sides which are slightly raised, very slightly divergent towards the base; the latter bisinuate, the median lobe in front of the scutellum broadly truncate and slightly emarginate; the disc with a large but shallow transverse impression on the basal half, in front of which the disc is finely and very distantly punctured; moreover there are a few deep punctures along the anterior margin; at the sides the punctures are large but shallow and somewhat confluent; in front of the basal margin there are several deeply impressed curved short lines. Scutellum triangular without distinct punctures, its apex very acute. Elytra a little wider at the base than the base of the thorax, rounded and prominent at the shoulders, very convex at about a fifth of their length, the sides nearly parallel as far as half their length, although slightly sinuated behind the shoulders, then regularly attenuated towards the apex; the apex of each rounded and very finely serrated. The elytra are slightly rugose and irregularly covered with elongate punctures placed in a longitudinal direction. The under surface of the abdomen shows some very fine longitudinal lines composed by series of short curved lines; the mesosternum some transverse curved lines, and the bright metallic central portion of the prosternum some large and deep punctures.