In 1883 a collection of birds from the Tenimber or Timor-Laut group of Islands was presented to our Museum by Mr. Riedel, Resident at Amboina. This collection contains 35 skins, representing 31 species, one of which ( Erythromyias Riedeli) is new to science, while two other (Ardea picata and Fregata minor) are for the first time brought from that interesting locality. Unfortunately the collection was much damaged by humidity, some of the labels were wasted entirely, while in most of the others the sexe, date and particularities about the locality were not mentioned. It is however quite certain that all the presented skins really come from Timor-Laut, and have been collected by the hunters of Mr. Riedel in 1882. Our Museum is very much indebted to Mr. Riedel for this collection, the more as it is the first one we ever received from this faraway portion of the Dutch possessions in the Malay Archipelago.