This remarkable genus, only recorded from Australia and the Old World, was represented by one species in central Africa, Psychopsis zebra Brauer, Ann. Hofmuseum Wien, IV, p. 102 (1889). I had not seen this species before this year, when I purchased, from the London naturalist W. F. H. Rosenberg, a large series of it from Angola, Longa and Luacinga River, November 1899, collected by Penrice. By the yellow colour of the body and the yellowish wings with pale reddish transverse lines on the forewings, it is very easily to be distinguished from an other new species from the Zambesi River, that I purchased for about three years from the same naturalist. It has the body black, the wings somewhat smaller than zebra, but of the same general form, only the hindwings are narrower. The membrane is greyish, and in the forewings there are many small grey blotches, so that they are greyish clouded and spotted. I give here the full description of the new species: Psychopsis nebulosa, n. sp. Body black. Antennae greyish brown, nearly as long as the abdomen without the appendices. Head black, the labrum yellowish. Prothorax above with a yellow spot on each side. Thorax with short grey hairs. Legs blackish brown, the hind femora, tips of tibiae and tarsi yellowish. Abdomen black, with grey pilosity; the appendices brown or yellow, with brown villosity.