Bright green, changing to olive-brown and deep red in certain lights; a small spot on the forehead piceous red, thorax with a large triangular discal spot either entirely black, or piceous with the angles red, sometimes with a small green spot on each side at the base; elytra with a large basal spot, partly or entirely divided by a green stripe just within the humeral prominence, and a large oblique spot on the apical half black; antennae, tibiae and outer margin of the posterior coxae red, tarsi black or piceous. Head rather coarsely but not very closely punctured, a narrow central longitudinal ridge, flattened, slightly dilated and free at its apex; clypeus impressed in front, the apical margin strongly reflexed and slightly notched in the. centre. Thorax trisinuous at the base, rounded at the sides with the anterior angles a little produced, very finely and sparingly punctured on the disk, the sides rather coarsely punctured. Scutellum impunctate. Elytra with some rows of fine remote punctures towards the sides and apex and an impressed row of coarse punctures next the suture behind, the lateral margin towards the apex and the apical margin slightly serrate, the suture elevated behind and acute at the apex. Pygidium with coarse remote punctures, the apical margin fringed with yellowish grey hairs. Beneath sparsely punctured, mesosternal process long, obtusely pointed and incurved at the apex; abdomen strongly impressed in the centre, legs sparsely punctured, the femora slightly strigose, anterior tibiae without lateral teeth.