Amongst the numerous examples of Helota Mariae Rits. communicated to me by Mr. René Oberthür after the description of this species was published 1), and which came all from the same locality viz. Maria Basti in British Bhotan, I found a certain number of specimens which have the tibiae bicolorous, not entirely dark bronze as in Mariae. A careful examination convinced me that these specimens, though closely allied to Helota Mariae, belonged to an undescribed species for which I propose the specific name Margarethae. Besides by the coloration of the tibiae this new species is differentiated from Mariae by a somewhat larger size (especially observable in the male sex) and somewhat larger elytral spots, by the more strongly transverse prothorax, by the more elongate anterior tibiae of which, moreover, in the male the dilatation at their apical half is otherwise shaped and finally by the want of the small but distinct tooth near the end of the inner edge of the middle- and hind tibiae in the male.