Forehead, crown and nape black, a broad eyebrow of ashy white, beginning at the base of the nasal groove and extending over the eye to the sides of the neck; before and below the eye a narrow edging of black feathers, earcoverts blackish, upper surface of body dark olive-brown, somewhat rufescent on the rump and still more so on the upper tail-coverts, quills sooty brown, primaries narrowly, secondaries very broadly edged with the color of the rump, greater wing-coverts broadly edged with the color of the back, the lesser entirely of that color, under wing-coverts dark fulvous brown. Tail dark rufous brown, strongly waved under certain lights. Chin, throat, breast and abdomen white, sides of neck and chest ashy gray, sides of body and under tail-coverts faintly tinged with rusty. Iris reddish brown, upper mandible black, lower whitish, feet pale flesh-color. Wing 7 cM.; tail 5,5; bill 1,6; tarsus 2,6. My excellent friend Mr. Sharpe, who kindly compared this specimen for me with D. cleaveri in the British Museum, writes me as follows: »Close to D. cleaveri, but a darker bird, not so rufous ou the wings; sides of body pale, not tawny buff. The chest and fore-neck are decidedly ashy gray, the other being whitish ashy.”