Shortly after my previous paper ou South African Birds had left the press, our Museum received a new collection from Mr. van der Kellen, who seems still to stay at his head-quarters in the Colony of Boers at Humpata, in the Upper Cunene region. This recent collection contains the considerable number of 267 birds-skins, representing 103 different species, 49 of which are not contained in his former consignments and thus not mentioned in my previous list. Of these 49 species, which in this paper will be marked with an asterisk, two proof to be new to science. All the birds are collected during the first trimester of 1888, and the only locality mentioned is Gambos, in the Upper Cunene region. The aforesaid 49 species added to those of the former consignments, the species we hitherto received from that country will reach the considerable number of 180.