Head as long as broad. Rostrum somewhat longer than and continuous with it, slightly narrowed anteriorly as far as the insertion of the antennae, where it suddenly enlarges; its front margin slightly notched. Scrobes large and deep, triangular in the male, less wide, transverse and elongated posteriorly in the female. Antennae of the male reaching as far as the middle of the body; those of the female shorter; the first joint elongate ovate, the second of the same length, clubshaped at the apex. The third, fifth and sixth similarly shaped and somewhat longer than the second, the fourth again of the same shape but longer still, the seventh of an elongate triangular form. The club, of an oblong oval shape, consists of four joints, which, together with the seventh joint, are furnished in the male with rather long hairs at the under surface. Prothorax about as long as broad, its antibasilar keel terminating on the sides before the middle. Scutellum small, triangular. Elytra somewhat broader than the prothorax, moderately convex and elongated. Pygidium transverse, rounded.