The differences between these two subspecies of the genus Brassolis are well indicated as to the males, but the females are insufficiently distinguished. In „Das Tierreich”, 25ste Lieferung, Brassolidae, pag. 11, the author, Stichel, has said that the females of both subspecies are identical. With the aid of the material in the Leyden Museum I yet will try to separate the females also. At the „International Colonial Exposition” of 1883 at Amsterdam were five males and two females of Brassolis sophorae lurida, captured in Surinam at the same place and at the same date, which specimens are now in the Leyden Museum. The Entomological Collection of this Museum contains moreover four males and three females of the other subspecies, sophorae sophorae, likewise from Surinam, partly from the collection Rave, partly collected by VerHuell.