Shell elongate, dark fleshy brown, with large white riblike nodules and a white infra-sutural line; whorls 10, the apical ones a little eroded, smooth, the next 2 with rather indistinct ribs, the rest with conspicuous white nodules, which become larger up to the last whorl; on this whorl, which is somewhat oblique, they are smaller on the ventral side, it shows a very large nodule before the aperture and a second row of much smaller ones, which are not visible on the upper whorls. The surface of the shell is covered with faint spiral lirae, which are more distinct on the nodules. Suture linear, irregular in consequence of the nodules of which there are 9 on the last whorl, besides 12 of the second row, and 6 or 7 on the upper whorls, where they occupy nearly the whole breadth, except a narrow zone at the upper part of each whorl. Aperture rather small, the interior white with fleshy brown spots near the margin, sinus large, rounded, not deep, lip thin, arcuate and prominent, slightly crenulate. Canal very short and large, columella slightly curved, with a brown callosity, its lower extremity produced, near the suture with a strong tubercle. Length 42, diam. 20 mill. Length of the apert. 17 mill. Habitat unknown.