Closely allied to M. suturalis Oliv., having exactly the same coloration and dentition of mandibles (at least in the development now before us), but comparing individuals of equal size, our new species is in all its proportions a much more slender and elegant insect, whilst the following structural differences of the head and thorax show at a glance its specific distinctness: suturalis. Head flat, with a very shallow frontal depression; ocular canthus cut off in a straight line. Kannegieteri. Head considerably swollen, with a deep semi-circular depression in front, the vertex with two small nodosities (which probably in larger developed individuals will assume a more spini- or dentiform shape) in the middle at the margin of the declivity; ocular canthus rather deeply emarginate. Sides of the thorax rounded, with a rather indistinct notch behind the middle; posterior angles hardly marked, being so broadly rounded as to make the lateral margin pass insensibly into the basal one. Sides of the thorax with a strong angular tooth behind the middle; posterior angles obtuse but well marked.