A small species which is allied to Pachyteria parallela Rits. (Notes Leyd. Mus. 1881. p. 36). Length 19 mm.; breadth at the shoulders 5 mm. — The head, the prothorax and the scutellum bright metallic green; the smaller basal half of the elytra ochreous, with faint purplish tinges, the greater apical half dark bluish green, brighter towards the apex, and provided just before its middle with a slightly waved, narrow, transverse, ochreous band which touches neither the sutural nor the outer margins; the two basal joints and the basal third of the 3rd joint of the antennae black, the remaining joints ochreous; the meso- and the metasternum as well as the legs aud the abdomen violaceous blue, the latter tinted with green. The vertex of the head, a transverse band and a semicircular spot on the pronotum, and the dark coloured part of the elytra densely covered with a very short black pubescence, which is however sparser on the apex of the elytra; the anterior tarsi brown and as well as the inside of the tibiae of the same pair of legs covered with a pale glittering pubescence. The undersurface of the body covered with a silvery pile forming bands across the hind margin of the four basal abdominal segments.