As to the increase of the collection of birds observed in the Netherlands, the past twelve months have been important; during that lapse of time the collection is augmented with 594 skins and 335 eggs in clutches. I have to mention the following gentlemen, who presented us with indigenous birds, in the first place H. R. H. Prince Hendrik, and further: D. Bakker, N. Balt, W. H. de Beaufort, F. E. Blaauw, J. Boonstra, F. K. Baron van Dedem, R. van Eecke, L. Baron van Heeckeren tot Walien, Jhr. W. C. van Heurn, P. J. van Houten, C. J. van der Klaauw, A. Kohlbeck, E. Loeb, Mr. H. A. Lorentz, A. Man in ’t Veld, J. L. F. de Meyere, H. M. Rose, Jhr. F. de Roy van Zuidewijn, K. G. Smit, Ch. van Spall, G. S. van der Spruyt, F. A. Verster van Wulverhorst, F. H. Verster and J. C. Wäkerlin. A fine example of Dendrocopos medius (L.), a female, shot at Heino, province Overijssel, 5 September 1908, was given to us in free loan by Mr. F. K. Baron van Dedem; this species was not yet represented in our collection of native birds. Of another species, also not yet represented in the collection, the aquatic warbler, Calamodus aquatica (Gmelin), we received a fine series of 30 examples from one of our lighthouses.