This species is allied to Cyclommatus canaliculatus Rits. from Nias (Notes Leyd. Mus. XIII, p. 235) on account of the presence of the notch on the outer upper margin of the mandibles at some distance from the tip. It differs from canaliculatus by the want of the distinct groove along the middle of the pronotum. Length of the forma major 40 mm., breadth at the shoulders 8 3/4 mm. — Rather pale castaneous, head and thorax slightly darker than the elytra, with aeneous tints; the margins of the mandibles, of the thorax and of the elytra (the basal margin excepted) bronze black; the tarsi, the apical teeth of the mandibles and the scape of the antennae glossy black, the flagellum (with the exception of the three apical joints of the club) glossy brownish red; the upper side of the femora pale yellowish brown.