Seeb. Cat. Br. M. V, 1881, p. 279 (part. only spec. a, b, c Types). id. Ibis 1893, p. 219 (Note). Owing to the incorrect diagnosis given by Horsfield 1) of his » Tardus javanicus it would be impossible to refer on this species at all, if not, fortunately, the types were preserved in the Collection of the British Museum. On these types the late Mr. Seebohm has given (cit. above) the following most valuable note: »There are three types of Horsfield’s Merula javanica in the British Museum, which are apparently male, female, and young. The adults differ from all other Javan examples kwown, in having the chestnut restricted to the belly, and not extending to the flanks. The white on the under tail-coverts is also reduced to a shaft-line in the male. It is possible that they may have been procured on some other mountain, and that M. fumida may be specifically distinct from M. javanica.