In a paper on the Australian Schizorrhinidae Dr. Kraatz established a. o. a new genus Dysephicta (Deuts. Ent. Zeitschr. XXIV, p. 208) for the reception of Cetonia bifida Oliv. (the Schizorrhina bifida of G. & P., Schaum and the Munich Catalogue), which was said to be from India or. The type specimen of G. & P. having now passed into the possession of Mr. Oberthür, it has, however, turned out to be, instead of an Indian insect, the well-known Anochilia republicana Coq. from Madagascar, for which Dr. Kraatz has proposed the new generic name Coquerelia (l. c. p. 314). About this genus Mr. O. E. Janson remarks at the end of his description of Anochilia incilis (Cist. Ent. III, p. 147), »the characters given by Kraatz to distinguish his genus Coquerelia from Anochilia are evidently not of generic value, as they almost entirely fail in this species.” The synonymy of C. bifida consequently may be established as follows: Anochilia bifida Oliv. Cetonia bifida Oliv. Schizorrhina bifida G. & P. Schizorrhina bifida Schaum. Dysephicta bifida Kraatz. Anochilia republicana Coq. Coquerelia republicana Kraatz.