Years ago I received from his Excellency, the Ex-Governor General of Dutch India J. W. van Lansbercre, a lot of beetles from Sintang (Borneo), containing a. o. a male Cyclommatus of minor development, which I believed to belong to an uudescribed species. I abstained, however, from describing it for want of the major development, but gave it the provisory name of squamosus, making allusion to the large scales by which the insect is covered on its upper surface. Now, a few days ago, my friend Neervoort van de Poll handed to me for identification a male Cyclommatus of major development from Brunei (Borneo), captured by Mr. Waterstradt, and I was highly surprised to find that it belonged to the same, still uudescribed species as my small male from Sintang. Under these circumstances I believe to be fully entitled to publish here a description of both specimens under the name of Cyclommatus squamosus. The species is allied to Cyclommatus Dehaani Westw. affinis Parry) on account of its being covered with scales in connection with the slowly declivous, neither excavated nor perpendicularly truncated front portion of the head, and the want of the tooth on the outer upper margin of the mandibles at some distance from the tip, but it is at once distinguished by the conspicuous larger size of the scales.