Mr. J. D. Pasteur, well-known to the readers of our » Notes” (cf. Notes from the Leyden Museum, 1890, p. 209), having removed from Padang Sidempoeau (Sumatra) to Batavia (Java), wrote to me to send him over a colored drawing of P. melanurus, for in the possession of it he dared say that he could procure specimens, if the species truly was to be found on the Goenong Gedeh. After having received the desired drawing he had neither rest nor repose until he had kept his word. And indeed on December 3, 1891 I received a postcard d. d. November 3, with the good news, that in his possession were two living adult specimens, ♂ and ♀, the latter with a half grown young, captured on the northern slope of the Goenong Gedeh and that he intended to send them over preserved in spirits as soon as possible. Dr. Sclater was kind enough to communicate Pasteur’s discovery to the members of the Zoological Society in the meeting of January 5.