The Leyden Museum has recently received a small collection of Coleoptera from the island of Java, brought together and presented by Mr. Edw. Jacobson. Among these beetles I found a specimen of a species of the genus Adelotopus Hope, belonging to the interesting family of Pseudomorphidae (Carabicidae), which species certainly has not yet been described. I am acquainted with the description of only two other species of Adelotopus out of Australia, viz. Adelotopus collaris Waterh.¹) from Siam and Adelotopus papuanus Gestro ²) from Papuasia. A third species, described by Waterhouse (l.c.) under the name of Adelotopus marginatus and originating from Java, does not belong to the quoted genus but is synonymical with Cryptocephalomorpha Gaverei Rits. ³) from Java and Sumatra 4), and, after having compared once more the description of A. collaris with that of A. marginatus, I believe that collaris too belongs to the genus Cryptocephalomorpha and not to the genus Adelotopus.