The specimens of a lot of a Leptopoma, collected by Baron von Rosenberg at Gorontalo, Celebes, have the general appearance of some varieties of L. vitreum Lesson, but their columellar margin is simple. I had compared them with the species of the genus known from Celebes, but I could not identify them with any of these. So I sent a few specimens to Prof. E. von Martens and asked his advice, and this author declared them to be a variety of L. manadense Pfr. (As I had compared them with typical specimens of this species agreeing with the figure in Pfeiffer’s Novitates conchologicae, Vol. IV, pl. 128, fig. 9, I did not come to this identification). The specimens indeed agree rather well with the figure of von Martens’ Ostasiat. Landschn. (Pl. 2, fig. 8), but as this figure differs much from the typical one and from the original description, I thought it might be somewhat erroneous; now this figure may serve for the. new variety, which I describe under the name of: Leptopoma manadense Pfr. var. obsoleta. The shell differs from typical ones by the peripherical keel, which in most of the specimens is only indicated at the beginning of the last whorl and disappears towards the aperture, being only faintly visible on the whole whorl in very few specimens, the supra-peripherical keels are entirely wanting; right margin of aperture without the angle resulting from the keel in typical specimens.