In the introduction of his »Uebersicht der Cetoniden der Sunda-Inselu und Molukken” (Troschel’s Archiv für Naturgesckickte. 1871. I. p. 224) Dr. Moknike puts in question the correctness of the statement about the habitat of three Rhomborrhina-specimens (two from Java: Muller, and one from Sumatra: Ludeking) at that time present in the collection of the Leyden Museum, and says to be convinced of the absence of representatives of the above genus from all the Asiatic Archipelagos with the only exception of Japan. As to the habitat »Sumatra” the late Dr. Snellen van Vollenhoven has already recorded (Tijdschrift voor Entomologie. XV. 1872. p. 125) that this was not at all doubtful, having, as lie said, taken himself the specimen out of Ludeking’s box and placed it in the collection. Afterwards I myself could ascertain the same about the habitat »Java” having received a specimen captured by Mr. Bernelot Moens in the Preanger Districts at a height of 4 à 5000 feet above the level of the sea (Tijdschr. v. Entom. XXIII. 1880. p. XCIV). Thus the presence of the genus Rhomborrhina in both these islands was sufficiently stated, the identification of the species, however, was erroneous. Snellen van Vollenhoven (1. c. p. 127) pertained in regarding the specimens above referred to as belonging to resplendens Sw., notwithstanding Mohnike (1. c.) had already expressed some doubts as to the correctness of this identification; I myself at first (1. c.) adopted Snellen van Vollenhoven’s determination, but after having received a specimen of the true resplendens, I considered the Javan and Sumatran specimens as belonging to heros G. & P. (see Tijdschr. v. Entom. XXVI. 1883. p. CXLII), an identification which I now feel sure is likewise incorrect. On page 380 of vol. XXVII (1883) of the Deutsche Entomologiscbe Zeitscbrift Dr. Kraatz describes a species of Rhomborrhina under the name of gigantea without making mention of its habitat. This species is considered by Mr. Neervoort van de Poll (Notes Leyden Museum. 1889. p. 64) to be a mere synonym of resplendens Sw., an assertion which is, and with reason, disapproved by Dr. Kraatz (Deuts. Entom. Zeits. 1889. p. 421) who mentions at the same time the island of Nias as the probable habitat of his species ¹). Moreover Dr. Kraatz maintains Dr. Burmeister’s view concerning the identity of resplendens Sw. and heros G. & P., and after a careful reexamination of the matter I fully agree with him, and have come to the conclusion that Kraatz’s Rhomborrhina gigantea is a distinct species which occurs in Nias, West Sumatra and West Java, specimens from these three islands being present in the Leyden Museum. The specimens from Java, however, are of a more golden green colour with a more or less distinct orange yellow hue on the disc of the elytra according to the light.