This most remarkable genus probably belongs to the subfamily of Laelaptinae. Though the male is unknown to me, I do not hesitate to place it here, because the female, concerning the dorsal and ventral shields, seems to be nearest related to Hypoaspis myrmecophilus (Berlese) and Hypoaspis Canestrinii (Berlese) which are provided too with metapodial as well as with inguinal shields, a rare coincidence; and concerning its being covered dorsally with so numerous hairs, — to Hypoaspis arcualis (C. L. Koch). The reason why in my opinion the present mite belongs to a hitherto unknown genus, is, that the mandibles in the female sex lack the upper-jaw and have a fixed, not a movable, under-jaw. I think it is not senseful to enlarge at present the number of generic characteristics, for fear the generic diagnosis will soon be changed. Therefore I propose the following short diagnosis.