Having the intention to publish at some future date full descriptions (perhaps also figures) of all the known species of the genus Helota. Macleay [the only species which are still unknown to me, are Helota thibetana Westw. 1) (= Mellii Westw. 2)) and Helota africana Olliff 3)], I will confine myself for the present time to give the distinctive characteristics of the new species with which I am as yet acquainted. Before going over, however, to the descriptions of these new species, I feel obliged to state, judging from the specimens in the collections of Mr. E. W. Janson 4), Mr. R. Oberthür and in the Leyden Museum which are now before me and which are determined by Mr. A. Sidney Olliff, that this author has overlooked the specific distinctness of my present Helota Oberthüri and Fairmairei from Helota Servillei Hope, that of my present Helota Kolbei from his Helota Gorhami, that of Helota fulviventris Kolbe (at that time undescribed) from Helota gemmata Gorh., and that of my present Helota fulvitarsis from Helota semifulva Rits.