In my previous paper on Liberian Birds 1) I have already called attention to Mr. Stampfli, whom I enabled to carry on my zoological investigations after my return from Liberia. Mr. Stampfli, from July 1884 to April 1886, on different times had his headquarters at Paynesville and Oldfield, on the banks of the Messurado River about 15 sea-miles above Monrovia, and at Schieffelinsville on the Junk River, about 3 miles (in straight line) from the coast. From this latter place he explored not only the large Junk River, but also some of its tributaries, the Too- and the Du Queah River, which latter is about as large as the Junk River itself. Some of his specimens he collected in the vicinity of Monrovia, during several longer and shorter stays he had in this place. Mr. Stampfli most zealeously braved all the disagreeablenesses of a collectors life in that unhealthy country, until he got weakened in such a degree by repeated heavy attacks of malaria, that he was obliged to return to Europe in order to restore his health. Nevertheless the zoological explorations of that interesting country will not he stopped, as we both are decided to return together to Liberia at the end of October next. For that purpose I have got leave for a half years stay in Liberia, and after my return to Europe Mr. Stampfli will carry on the work alone. To all Zoologists, especially to Ornithologists, I should be thankful for every hint they would kindly give me with regard to the interesting fauna of Liberia, before my departure from Europe. Especially Anatomists would do well to call my attention to every wished for interesting species, which I readily will preserve in spirits as far as they can be obtained. As our first stay will be on the banks of the Junk River, I after my return shall better be able than now to give a short sketch of that country.

Notes from the Leyden Museum

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Büttikofer, J. (1886). Zoological researches in Liberia. A list of Birds, collected by Mr. F. X. Stampfli near Monrovia, on the Messurado River, and on the Junk River with its tributaries. Notes from the Leyden Museum, 8(4), 243–268.