5 ♀ (which wholly agree with one another) and 1 ♂ (which differs from the females by its more coarsely faceted eyes which are moreover more prominent and more approximate on the middle of the face, and by the narrower and more elongate apical segment of the abdomen 1)) were sent over from Serdang (East Sumatra) by Dr. B. Hagen to whom I dedicate the species. Very close to I. forficuloides Fairm. of Borneo, and, judging from the description (Stett. Ent. Zeit. 1867. p. 114), agreeing with it in every respect besides in the following: the head is black with the face and a small spot beyond the base of the eyes yellow; the black lateral band of the elytra suddenly narrows on the apical third (except in the male specimen); the three basal segments of the abdomen above with two lateral, the fourth and fifth with a large median black spot; the sixth and seventh or apical segment immaculate above, the spines of the latter black; the apical half of the fore- and middle femora with a fuscous stripe above, the extreme apex of the hind femora more or less fuscous above.