Shell ovate, blackish brown, variegated with dirty white; whorls about 5, upper ones slightly eroded, slightly convex, plicately ribbed and spirally lirate, plicae of the upper whorls not much pronounced, on the last whorl very prominent; lirae 3 in number on each of the upper whorls, forming elongated tubercles on the ribs, one of the lirae nearest the suture separated from the lower ones, which are 6 in number, by a slight depression. Moreover a few intermediate lirae and waved lines of growth, forming small scales, are present on fresh specimens. The spaces between the ribs are dirty white, especially on the lirae; number of ribs on the last whorl 7 or 8. Aperture ovate, bluish white within, with 5 brown lines or lirae, ending in toothlike granules; outer lip thickened, with brown triangular spots, corresponding with the granules; columellar lip with a callus above, forming a small canal with the outer lip, a second one about the middle and a tubercle close to this last. Canal rather narrow, oblique; lower part of columella brown. Length 27, diam. 17, length of aperture 15 mill.