This magnificent new species of the genus Chalcopsitta, which I describe here under the name of Chalcopsitta spectabilis, nov. sp. is nearly allied to Chalcopsitta insignis Oustalet; it differs however in many respects from this species and shows at the same time some relation to Chalcopsitta scintillatus (Temminck). Forehead, lores and upper parts of the cheeks red; head and neck black; lower cheeks and throat black with a red tinge; elongated feathers of the hind neck and upper back purplish black with greenish yellow shaftstreaks; back and wings dark greenish brown, the smaller wingcoverts with dark edges, near the bend of the wing the feathers violet; rump bright blue; upper tailcoverts dark green; tailfeathers above olive-green with violet tips, underneath olive-yellow with red bases; breastfeathers dark violet with red bases and some of the lower ones with yellow shaftstreaks; abdomen and under tailcoverts dark green; tibiae red; feathers of the sides of the body red with green or violet apical parts; underwingcoverts red, some feathers with violet extremity; quills underneath dusky, bases of innerwebs bright yellow with orange margins; bill black, legs blackish; wing 176, tail 122, culmen 21, tarso-met. 21 mm.