This species is closely allied to Eurybatus novempunctatus Westw. ¹), but easily distinguished by the different armature of the antennae, these having not only the 3rd—5th joints spined at the end, but the 6th joint too is provided with a spine which, inter alia, is more distinct than that on the 5th joint in novempunctatus. As regards the coloration it agrees with novempunctatus, but the pronotum is unspotted and the tubercle which in novempuncta{us proceeds from the lateral black spots is entirely wanting; the four anterior elytral spots are rather small and round, the two posterior ones large and transverse , rather narrowly separated at the suture but reaching the thickened lateral margins; moreover the apical margins are broadly bordered with black; underneath the distribution of the colours is exactly the same as in novempunctatus.