Length 30,5 mm., breadth at the shoulders 10 mm. — Black, covered with a reddish brown pubescence which is very dense round the eyes and forms two slightly diverging vittae on the vertex; on the pronotum the pubescence forms a broad band along the middle and a narrow stripe on each side; on the scutellum it is divided along the middle by a smooth stripe; the elytra are speckled with small spots of a dense reddish brown pubescence and marked, just behind the middle, with a large oblique velvet-black patch which is broader anteriorly than posteriorly and here more approximate to the suture than to the lateral margin; in front of and behind this black patch the pubescence is of a paler colour and on both sides of the scutellum there is a similarly coloured short, slightly oblique basal stripe; the basal joint of the antennae is covered with a thin greyish brown pubescence, the 3rd and following joints have a dense grey pubescence and are ringed with sooty black on their apical portion. The head shows some punctures on the face, behind the upper lobes of the eyes and on the middle of the vertex; the scape of the antennae is slightly rugose and strongly narrowed towards the base.