In 1870 our traveller von Rosenberg sent to the Leyden Museum under the name of Lamprotornis magnus nov. spec. a fine series of skins of a new bird, collected by him in the year 1869 on the island of Mefoor (Noemfoor) and on the island of Soepiori (named by him Soëk) of the Schoutenislands. The series consisted of seven specimens collected in January and February on Mefoor and eleven specimens collected in March on Soepiori. In 1871 Schlegel 1) described the bird under the name given by von Rosenberg and stated that this new species was killed on Soëk only. The habitat of the typical M. magnus is consequently Soepiori, notwithstanding von Rosenberg collected his first specimen, in which he was right to see a new species, on Mefoor.