Length 13 mm., breadth at the shoulders 7 mm. — Black; head, thorax and abdomen with a faint coppery hue, scutellum and elytra with a faint metallic green hue mixed with coppery; antennae pale fulvous, the palpi slightly darker. Head and thorax lustreless, elytra and abdomen subshining. — Clypeus densely punctured, broadly rounded, front margin turned upwards; separated from the face by a shining impunctate streak. Face strongly and deeply punctured, the punctures a trifle larger than those on the pronotum. — Pronotum exceedingly densely and regularly punctured, the narrow interspaces between the punctures forming irregular longitudinal and oblique fine ridges; the anterior lateral angles flattened, rather acutely protruding, shining, with a few punctures and upturned outer edge. Scutellum deeply punctured, the extreme base and the apex smooth. — Elytra strongly though not very densely punctured, with the 1st and 2nd costa very distinct, owing to the impressed bordering lines which are marked with very closely set punctures; these costae are impunctate and the 1st one is a trifle broader than the 2nd. The 3rd or humeral costa is rather indistinct and narrower; the space between it and the three lateral rows of punctures is punctured like the rest of the elytra. The sutural interstices bear a row of small punctures which doubles beyond the middle of the elytra. — The propygidium is rugosely punctured, the pygidium very coarsely and with a smooth longitudinal line at the base. — The sides of the metasternum are punctured about in the same way as the pronotum, the middle portion however is remotely punctured. The punctures on the ventral segments are large and not close together. — The anterior tibiae are tridentate, the upper tooth rather obliterate. Hab. Burma: Theinzeik (P. Loizeau). — The described specimen belongs to Mr. René Oberthür.