Ovate, broader in front than behind, dark brown, somewhat opaque, sparingly clothed with fine yellowish grey pubescence. Head rather strongly and not very closely punctured, slightly depressed in the middle. Prothorax considerably narrowed and emarginate in front, rather strongly and closely punctured; the anterior angles obtuse and slightly prominent; the sides regularly rounded; the posterior angles acute and prominent. Scutellum rounded behind, finely punctured. Elytra at the base as broad as the prothorax, narrowed posteriorly, truncate behind, moderately strongly asperate-punctate, the punctures arranged in rows, except at the sides where the punctures are slightly stronger and irregular, the interstices very narrow and smooth; humeral angles not prominent; lateral margins narrow and very finely punctured; posterior and inner apical angles rounded. Pygidium finely punctured. Under side coloured as above; the sterna rather coarsely punctured; abdominal segments as strongly and closely punctured as the sterna. Legs ferruginous, femora finely punctured, the pubescence yellow. — Length 3 1/2—4 1/2 mm. Aru Islands (v. Rosenberg).