Arranging the Neuropterous Insects in the collection of the Leyden Museum I found the type-specimen of the above mentioned species with the names »Raye” and »Calkoen” on the labels of origin. Asking Mr. Ritsema, he told me that, according to verbal communications of his predecessor, the late Dr. S. C. Snellen van Vollenhoven, Messrs. Raye van Breukelerwaard and Calkoen were collectors in the beginning of the 19th century, from whose collections Olivier has described several species. The labels are in Dr. Snellen van Vollenhoven’s handwriting. Ascalaphus maculatus Oliv. This is in the best condition of the three types, though the antennae and left hindwing are wanting. Its label bears the indication »Raye, Gallia meridionalis”. No doubt this is the same species as Ascalaphus niger Borkh.