Ornithologists will recollect that the northern part of the isle of Celebes is inhabited by a species of Barn-owl, which I described under the name of Strix Rosenbergii ¹). To judge from a very young specimen, sent from the Philippines, the species is also found in this Archipelago. I have before me eleven specimens of Strix Rosenbergii, all killed in the districts of Menado and the Minahassa ²). They present the following measures. Wing 11 8/4 to 12¼ inches; point of wing 3½ to 4½ inches; tail 5 2/3 to 6 inches; tarse 32 to 36 lines; middle toe 19 lines. As to the distinctive characteristics of this species, I stated that it resembles in general the common Barn-owl, from which, however, it may easily be distinguished by its much larger size, and the much darker tint of the upper parts. I stated moreover that the under parts are of a more rusty colour, and that the face is of a greyish rusty brown; but it is to be observed, that in some specimens recently received the rusty colour of under parts and face is strongly inclined to white.