Shell ovate, inflated, rather solid, narrowly umbilicated, with an elevated spire; whorls 5½, convex, with spiral ribs and concentric hairlike striae. There are about 23 ribs on the last whorl; the 3 uppermost of them are narrow, the other ones rather flat and broader, with narrow interstices, in each of which runs an intermediate lira. Nucleus apparently smooth; aperture oblong, its right margin thickened by an internal rib. Interior of aperture pale yellowish-brown with two other ribs (former lips) and grooves corresponding to the external ribs. Columella straight, with a small white callus, partly covering the umbilicus. Externally this shell is brown, variegated with white; moreover numerous brown spots accompanied by white ones, adorn the last half of the ultimate whorl; on the apertural side, the brown and white forms irregular streaks. Nucleus with a brownish band along the suture. Alt. 56, diam. 43; apert. alt. 44, lat. 21 mill.