Mr. O. E. Janson makes in the last published part of his „Notices of new or little known Cetoniidae” n°. 10 (Cist. Ent. Vol. III, p. 146. 1885) the following observation: Gnatocera valida Jans., Cist. Ent. III. p. 105 (Feb. 1884), is apparently the same as G. costata Ancey, Nat. Sicil. II. p. 95 (1883).” — Possessing a couple of G. valida from the same source as Mr. Janson’s type specimen, and having received a couple of G. costata from Mr. Ancey himself, I may observe that these species are quite distinct, and it will be useful to point out the differences. In general form the males are very close, but the female of valida is decidedly broader and more robust than the ♀ of costata. — G. valida has the underside, the legs, the elytral outermargin and the suture pitchy red, all the corresponding parts of G. costata are black. — Finally the mesosternal processes are totally different, the process of valida being long and bent downwards, that of costata long and curved upwards with the apex obtuse.